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Q: What are your prices per square foot?
A: Prices are not determined by square foot but by design specs and building complexity.
Q: Will you work with my plans or plans from another builder?
A: We can analyze any plans you have to determine whether they will work with our log structure.
Q: Can I do part of the work?
A. We will work in conjunction with you, your friends or your other contractors so long as their work does not impede our work flow and schedule.
Q: Can you just build the shell of a log home?
A: We can build any portion or building stage of a log home that you want.
Q: How long does a log home take to build?
A: The length of time to build depends on size, complexity, and location of the home. Our log and timber frame homes range in size from about 400 square feet to about 30,000 square feet and feature only the best quality,
Q: Does Southwest Log Homes offer financing?
A: We do not finance homes but will work with your bank or mortgage company.
Q: Can I pay cash?
A: Most of our homes are owner financed, but our price is the same for cash or loan purchases.
Q: How often do the logs need to be refinished?
A: The amount of natural exposure determines the frequency of refinishing, but generally log homes only need to be retouched or refinished every three to five years. No log finish will last more than five to seven years in a high UV or wet environment.
Q: Can termites destroy log homes?
A: No more than any other home, but care must be taken to place the bottom logs properly, and we use only treated logs. Timber and Antiblue, which is the treatment used, makes the logs toxic to termites but safe for humans and animals, and it makes the logs resistant to mold.
Can you build timber frame homes?
Yes, Southwest Log Homes is experienced in log home and timber frame construction. We have the expertise and proven history of architectural design, building development and construction, including a wide variety of joinery and structural integrity. And we purchase our quality log and reclaimed timber supplies all throughout north America.