Central Texas great house and historic log cabin nearing completion

Putting the final touches on this new log and timber creation

Building on a two-house, lake front property in central Texas, the exterior and interior of this 10,000 square foot plus great house and a unique historical renovation on a small two-story rustic log cabin is nearing its building completion.

Both houses include a myriad of unique customized building features including, floor-to-ceiling rock and stone fireplaces, beautiful hand-carved wood staircases, wonderfully creative bathroom tiling with floor to ceiling coverage, fixtures and a variety of antique log and timber work treatments throughout both houses.

In the main house, the great room opens up past the second story to reveal a one-of-a-kind timber frame truss that spans the width and breadth of the entire arched ceiling. From the wood paneled walls and doors, fine Pella windows throughout the houses and unique wood textures and stains throughout every surface, you'll wonder if you stepped back in time to a luxurious historical home. In addition, the great house comes equipped with an antique styled, smooth running elevator to access floors quickly and in style.

The exteriors on both houses have a unique rock faced design and execution that not only frames out the landscaping but is internal to part of the strength of the pillar structures. These same rock framed structures are worked into the buildings are used to finish out a large circled drive outside the front of the great house and leads down to the lake front areas.

Always integral to the buildings, Southwest Log Homes and Southwest Log & Timber Works delivers when it comes to antique log home and timber framed structures with beautifully chinking, perfectly fit notches and a unique mixture of wood textures that adds a historical luxury to every customer's building project.

Our work could not exist without our talented hands of our wood working artisans, rock masons, timber framers, builders and carpenters. Each Southwest Log Home is truly a one-of-a-kind creation, from its initial conception through final completion, it truly stands the test of time and beauty.