The wonder and beauty of a log or timber-framed home

Rustic charm, relaxing settings combine to make dream homes a reality

No one can deny the wonderful beauty and craftsmanship found in the building of a hand-crafted log home or timber frame home. Being able to bring out the  beauty of the woodwork,  highlighting the skills and abilities of the artisans who build them, makes them a wonder to behold when it’s set in a beautiful, natural landscape.

So, with that being said, haven’t you looked at one of these homes and wondered “I would love to retire in a log or timber frame home someday.” Well, why wait for tomorrow to plan your dreams of a rustic log or timber framed home? There’s no time like the present. We encourage serious customers to come meet with us, share your desires and particulars about what you like and what you don’t like while we absorb a sense of style and building type. We want to hear your thoughts about kitchens, outdoor living areas, bathrooms, wine cellar, hallways, grand timber-framed ceilings, dormers and more.

Once we have a good inventory of your requirements, selected styles, structure and plan, we will provide a custom architectural drawing that brings all of these things together, including the exact location and orientation of the new home, even down to the finest detail such as taking advantage of where the sun falls at the end of a relaxing day. We’re meticulous about the specifics, which include water source, electricity, storage, auto covers, landscaping, multiple levels and making smooth transitions from one end of the home to the other end. We’re interested in all the details.

Southwest Log Homes has been crafting custom homes for many years, and using the methods and practices used to hand cut each log or timber. You can see throughout our photo inventory that we only custom build beautiful log and timber frame homes. There’s no stock plans, since we take the customers specifics, likes and wishes and carefully select and evaluate the surrounding landscape to ensure that both are one, resulting in a scene that has a home perfectly set in it’s surroundings.

So gather your notes, wishes and desires. Consider the type of wood frame you lean toward and bring your memories and styles and textures of stone, wood, tile and color and let’s meet to plan out your very real dream home today. Contact us at 1-800-933-4228 directly and let’s plan a meeting to bring your dream home to life now.